Doing Your bit for the Planet

We know our customers are a caring bunch, many of you are already filling your own milk bottles or ensuring you swap a bottle every time you need milk or cream. Our suppliers are also doing their bit, the team at Oakland’s Milk is passionate about animal welfare, the impact they have on the environment, and leaving the land in better condition than they found it.

It is always interesting to hear how you are reducing plastic and single-use containers in your own lives.  We will gladly refill your olive oil bottle, top up your apple cider vinegar, fill a jar with honey, and pour you a bottle of kombucha. Speaking of kombucha, we have secured great pricing on the Kombucha Bros. Kombucha and have reduced the price in-store to just $8.50 a litre.  We have expanded the kombucha range to include pre-filled riggers and cans for when you just want to grab and go, as well as alcoholic flavours for a cheeky tipple, these can be found in the beer fridge.   

Did you know that the Gladwrap we use is biodegradable and that we are happy to put your cheese straight into your own container if you wish?  We return all branded boxes to our various suppliers so they can be reused for our next delivery. 

We can reuse the Wai-iti egg cartons so you can enjoy these delicious free-range eggs over and over again so remember to bring your carton with you.  Failing that they make a great seed tray or recycle them in your worm farm, the worms just love them!

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