Meet the Makers: Teena and Noël from Neudorf Black Garlic

Husband and wife team, Noël and Teena Jelsma believe that life is too short to eat bad food and that good food should not come at the expense of the planet.

In 2019 while living overseas, they learned that Ralph, the creator of Black Garlic in Nelson, was looking to sell. As the saying goes they loved the product so much they bought the company, moved home and boy are we lucky they did!

They love to explore new places, and meet people. They lived in Singapore for 8 years, spent 6 months traveling Australia in a caravan with their kids, and did a 2-month motorcycle trip around the US all of this now a distant memory.

Teena says they don’t miss being able to travel at the moment as the business is keeping them busy and inspired. Plus they get to meet lots of people as they travel NZ promoting their black garlic range.

They live on 5 hectares on Neudorf Road, with 6 pet Alpacas, which keep them amused. You will be able to meet the Alpacas as well as Teena and Noël at the Moutere Artisans day – lots of fun for kids and adults alike.

Check out their Black Garlic Molasses Cookies Recipe.

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